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19th Mar 2020

You Can’t Think and Do at the Same Time

Perhaps for the brain, a lack of action is truly the safest way to live, but it ignores that doing is the only thing we are measured by in this world. Your overactive mind will hold you back from everything, from the easiest tasks to calculated risks. At the basic level,

overthinking can make you tired, scared, and stuck in life. In more extreme cases, overthinking can cause anxiety and shut you out completely from your goals, desires, and beliefs. As you’ll read here, our brains are quite adept at sabotaging our best intentions.

Is it just as easy to quiet your mind as stepping into a soundproof room? Well, no.

That’s a tough habit to crack. But at the very least, there are ways to redirect that extra energy you use to run in place and avoid taking a single step forward. These methods start with zeroing in on what you spend your overthinking quota on, and how to cut it shorter.

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